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Friday, February 25, 2011

Not So Bad

I hadn't realized how far along low fat foods have come!! Eating well is not so bad, once you get used to it. The Lean Cuisine 4 cheese pizzas are great, and I can't even eat a whole pizza. The Weight Watchers treats are fabulous for those days when you get a craving.....especially for chocolate or ice cream. Their fudge popsicles and the fudge cookies and cream popsicles are out of this world. Pricey, but good and they take care of the cravings. I tried one of the Weight Watchers cupcakes yesterday. First, you open the pack and think "wow, that's small!" but it actually fills you up, takes care of my chocolate craving, and I leave satisfied and not hungry. I made Kool-Aid for the kids twice using Splenda. They didn't know the difference and said it was the best Kool-Aid they ever had....not that I ever really made it a lot in the past. I made some "low-fat" banana chocolate chip muffins and they were a hit. I substituted in wheat flour, Splenda, and walnuts. The kids gobbled them up and I had one too. They were actually really good. I have to make more.

I have lost another 2.6 pounds as of two nights ago. Wow. My body flucuates a bit here and there...gain an ounce here, lose four ounces their....but then BANG I lose 2.6 pounds out of nowhere. It tells me that my new healthy eating plan and my exercise are working. I fit into 3 pairs of jeans that I put away months ago for being too small.

Hopefully, things will continue to progress! I am already planning outdoor activities for the Spring and Summer. Very exciting!!

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  1. You should share some of your recipe's with us sometime.